Don’t Let These Travel Scams Spoil Your Vacation

Travel scams

Watch these traffic scams videos and look for videos specific for your destination; Europe, China, Las Vegas, New York and also for Cruise Travel Scams Learn to Recognize and Avoid the World’s 20 sneakiest travel scams © Getty Images Travelling is both a thrilling and rewarding experience. As you explore the globe encountering new sights and sounds, you’ll learn more about the way people live and the incredible places they call home. Unfortunately, sometimes the enjoyment of travel can be interrupted by crafty scammers looking to take advantage of tourists.…

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TrafficForMe (Video)


Guaranteed Clean Targeted Traffic See The “TrafficForMe” Differences Clean Traffic Has Real People Looking at Your Ad Or Offer. What does TrafficForMe do? The short answer is that we sell the Cleanest Email Traffic in the world, Guaranteed. And as Baseball Legend Dizzy Dean pointed out, “It ain’t bragging if it’s true.” Of course, if you have no idea why being able to say, “we have the Cleanest email Traffic in the world, guaranteed,” is worth bragging about, let me explain. If you own a business, if you need leads, or if you…

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ICFO Resources

Selected ICFO Resources Submit New or Recommended A MLM Skeptic AARP AARP Foundation Elder Watch AARP Org Aging Care Aging Senate Gov AlcoRehab (Alcohol) ASAM (Drug Addiction) Australia Users Complain Here BehindMLM Better Business Bureau (BBB) Canadians can complain here Carnegie Cyber Academy Child Pornography on the Internet Commodity Futures Trading Comm Complaints’ Board Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Credit Card Fraud (WSJ) Cyber Bullying Info Search Cyber Safety AU Outreach Dealing with Cyberbullies Department of Homeland Security Department of Justice Dept Health and Human Services Digital Learning Lab Elder Care Gov…

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Cool Marketing Free Software Pro $597

Free Software

Cool Marketing Software Review Click to Download Your FREE $597of Pro Marketing Software! If you are busy online like me, then you will appreciate the free and automation tools offered by this company. Cool software to help you automate traffic, sales and leads for your business!  Here are some of our current software. We will be coming out with new software regularly so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you receive notice of the latest releases. THE FREE AD FORUM PRO SUBMITTER This is the pro version of our…

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How to Protect Yourself from Extortion [Video]


How to Protect Yourself from Extortion BY AMANDA LI Money extortion, electronic extortion, and cyber or Internet extortion happen every now and then. If you are a shop owner, you are demanded by some offenders to pay for their protection to prevent something bad (such as an assault on the shopkeeper or damage to his or her store or goods) from happening. Or, you’ve received messages like: “Give me $5,000,000, or, I’m going to post these private pics of you and your family on the net. Yes, you are being…

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Identity Theft [Video]

Identity Theft

Seniors Lose $3 Billion to Identity Theft Each Year. Do This Immediately to Protect Yourself Alix Langone   Identity theft impacts millions of people every year, and older Americans are targeted at higher rates than the rest of the population. People age 65 and older lose a whopping $36.5 billion to elder financial abuse every year, and almost $3 billion of that money is stolen via identity fraud, according to a study conducted by financial services firm TrueLink. The average amount of money an older adult loses to identity theft…

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Phone Scams [Video]

Phone Scams

Image: YouTube Phone scammers posing as law enforcement, Social Security Administration steal more than $2 million MAY 2, 2019, 2:30PM EDT The NYPD has issued an alert to warn people against phone scams in which callers are pretending to be the Social Security Administration or law enforcement agencies. There have been more than 200 complaints made regarding the scam, and people have reported losses of more than $2 million. In comparison, only three similar complaints were made all of last year. Scammers tell victims their Social Security number has been used…

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Prize Lottery Scams [Video]

Lottery Scams

Unexpected prize & lottery scams   Image:  Online Threat Alerts Beware of “Facebook Group Email Addresses” Lottery Scams Unexpected prize and lottery scams work by asking you to pay some sort of fee in order to claim your prize or winnings from a competition or lottery you never entered. How this scam works You will receive notification that you have won a lot of money or a fantastic prize in a competition, lottery or sweepstake that you don’t remember entering.  The contact may come by mail, telephone, email, text message or…

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Perpetual & Compound Income Review

ARI’s Paid to Read (PIPS) FREE Book   Click to Download Your Free Copy ICFO graded PIPS for: Business Model Sustainability Trustworthiness Product Quality Website Looks Promotional Materials Affiliate/Member Support Source: APSense Social Business Networking The ARI Mission To provide a simple and effective business system for average people That want to Work From Home and earn money So that they can live with financial dignity and Have the freedom to enjoy life with their family Without ever having to worry about money ever again Paid To Read (PIPS) This Free…

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Dating Romance Scams [Video]

Dating Scams

‘Don’t Be a Victim’ Series: Romance Scams Led to $143 Million in Stolen Money Simona Blanda was looking online for Mr. Right, but instead, she wound up with both a broken heart and a broken bank account. Blanda was a victim of a so-called romance scam, which last year duped victims out of $143 million nationwide, according to the Federal Trade Commission. In Blanda’s case, she ended up $25,000 in debt. Blanda thought she found her perfect match on a dating website that connects people to members of the Military.…

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